Game Intro - Sandwich Shop

Sandwich Shop


In this game, you get to run your own sandwich shop and provide your customers with the best food and service possible! The game will start as a customer places an order. Drag the ingredients in the correct order to the work area in the middle, starting with the bottom ingredient. Bread and vegetables can be added right away, while the ham and eggs will need to be cooked first by dragging them onto the grill. Wait for the ham and eggs to cook before taking them off, but make sure not to burn them! Once your sandwich is complete, drag it to the customer. If you make their sandwich quickly, you may receive a tip! But if you give them the wrong sandwich, you will lose time as well as money from the ingredients used. Once you make enough money, shown at the top, you will advance to the next level. But if you run out of time before meeting your goal, the game will end. How many customer can YOU serve?


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