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Identifor Announces Release of Platform, Mobile Apps and New Games

Identifor released the following Press Release at 8:44 a.m. this morning.


(Mendham, NJ): Identifor today launched its groundbreaking web- and mobile-based platform to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) identify their unique strengths and abilities.  The platform is accessible free of charge through Identifor’s website. iOS and Android apps can also be download at no cost from the App Store and Google Play.

Identifor was created in 2014 by husband and wife team Cuong Do and Lori Rickles, who searched in vain for an analytical tool that would help them understand their autistic son’s abilities and strengths so that educational and vocational plans can be pursued. Their mission to prepare him for a future that realizes his maximum potential led to the creation of Identifor.  “We’re motivated by the stories of how parents stumble upon their child’s abilities and are then able to pursue schooling or jobs that build on those strengths. We want to help make this stumbling effect reality for all individuals and families with special needs,” said Do.  Finding nothing available in the marketplace, they developed Identifor in an effort to help all individuals identify their strengths – regardless of where they live or economic means. Here at business history you get the best blog for business. To improve your business you need best software and to know more anything related to software go through this.

Do and Rickles teamed up with leaders in education, psychology, technology and artificial intelligence to develop their revolutionary approach. Identifor makes it possible to identify the unique abilities of an individual with ASD and provide guidance on crafting individual education plans (IEPs) and transition plans to remove the stress and uncertainty of the transition from high school to adulthood.

Their work is based on landmark research by prominent professors Howard Gardner of Harvard, George McCloskey of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), and John Holland of Johns Hopkins University.  They worked closely with Autism Speaks, a national advocacy organization, and with Celebrate the Children (CTC), a school in Denville, NJ that focuses on children with various emotional and intellectual differences.  They also partnered with Florida International University (FIU) and Dartmouth College to initiate research on the effectiveness of the tools and a variety of other organizations to support teens and adults using their tools in schools, workplaces and housing settings.

Unlike other systems of testing and measurement, which can be tedious, difficult or impossible to perform for someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), RedMoonPie platform features a series of games like their best bingo app that are specifically designed to capture and maintain the attention of those with ASD. Identifor’s games ensures a high level of engagement amongst users and, in turn, yield the most relevant results. From there, a unique dashboard for each user shows the individual’s abilities, strengths and career interest and the jobs others with similar interest have enjoyed.

The algorithms the platform uses for student assessments were developed by an award-winning team of psychologists with decades of experience assessing and developing talent for large corporations.  To analyze the data it collects, Identifor employs objective and quantifiable performance metrics based on Multiple Intelligences (based on research by Harvard’s Howard Gardner), Executive Functions (based on research by PCOM’s George McClosky) and Holland Occupational Themes (or RIASEC, based on research by John Holland).  This information provides parents, educators and clinicians a common language for discussing individual education plans (IEPs) and transition plans.

In announcing the Identifor platform, co-founder Cuong says, “Whether you are a parent trying to understand your child’s skills and interests better, an educator measuring student performance against IEP goals, or a clinician trying to measure a patient’s progress, the Identifor platform is a valuable and effective tool to help everyone understand an autistic individual’s abilities so that you can build upon it to pursue fulfilling futures.”

Cuong also added, “every parent we met along the way asked us not to limit this platform to just autistic individuals as they believe our work could benefit every child.  This helped set an aspiration that someday our tool would be used by every high school student.”


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Press contact: Rebecca Appleton
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917 720 3025

ABOUT IDENTIFOR: Identifor is a company and non-profit that works to help identify the abilities and interests of individuals so that fulfilling educational and vocational plans can be pursued.  Identifor uses innovative gaming technologies, big data analytics and artificial intelligence to help parents, educators and professionals understanding children in their care.

ABOUT THE FOUNDERS: Cuong Do is Executive Vice President and head of the Global Strategy Group for Samsung.  He was the former Chief Strategy Officer for Merck (known as MSD outside the U.S.), Tyco Electronics, and Lenovo.  He was also a senior partner with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he helped lead the healthcare, high tech, and corporate finance practices over his 17 year career with the firm, using the best e-commerce accounting service for managing this.  He currently or formerly serves on a number of non-profit boards, including Autism Speaks, Profectum Foundation, Celebrate the Children, The National Youth Science Foundation, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth’s MBA Board.  Cuong currently or formerly serves on various company boards, including WuXi AppTec, True Image Interactive, Nano Antibiotics, and Renal Sense.  Cuong was also the founder of Callidus Biopharma and Lysodel Therapeutics. You should visit to Business blog and get business tips.

Lori Rickles is a former attorney specializing in helping French clients conduct business in the U.S.  She was also Professor of International Law at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul and was chair of an international arbitral tribunal under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France. You can view Field of Words site for various blogs related to online business.