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RIASEC stands for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. A RIASEC test is designed to help children discover which careers are most suitable for them according to their unique abilities, interests, skills, and traits.

The results of a RIASEC test can be used to help kids and teens develop a plan for courses to take in high school and college that are most conducive to achieving one of the careers they were determined to be a match for. 

How a RIASEC Test is Conducted

A RIASEC test is similar to other aptitude tests. It has no time limit, and there are no “right” or “wrong” answers as long as the questions are answered truthfully.

Identifor created a visual approach to administering the RIASEC test.  Instead of using pen-and-paper to rate whether a person like or dislike a task, an Identifor Gamer simply chooses between two tasks.  Based on 30 such comparisons, we are able to code the choices to a list of jobs and careers that are most suitable for that particular child.

A RIASEC test groups the results into six categories based on John Holland’s six types of personality:

  • Realistic: You may do best in mechanical and athletic jobs.
  • Investigative: You like to observe, learn, analyze and solve problems.
  • Artistic: You would like to work in unstructured situations where you can express your creativity.
  • Social: You prefer working with others.
  • Enterprising: Enjoy working with and persuading others.
  • Conventional: You are detail-oriented, organized and like to work with data.

Implications of a RIASEC Test

The RIASEC test helps a person understand how he or she likes to spend their time. At Identifor, we go further to identify the types of jobs that other people with similar RIASEC profiles have found rewarding.

Identifor created a novel approach to enable individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to determine their RIASEC profile without having to use pen-and-paper tests. Instead, they can play computer games!

When a player starts a game, they are shown two different images of jobs and/or activities. They are then asked to select which one is more desirable. Based on the player’s choices, our analytics engine generates the RIASEC profile.

Whether or not your child has completed a traditional RIASEC test before, we ask that you also introduce him or her to our games. Our games are designed to help you identify your child’s skills and abilities in a way that can’t be accomplished through simply writing a test.

Best of all, Identifor is always free for gamers. Sign your child up today for free today and start gaining new insight into your child’s personality.