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Calling for Q&As to “train Abby”

We embarked on creating Identifor to help address 3 needs teens and adults have:

  1. Help identify individuals’ abilities, strengths and interests so that appropriate educational and vocational plans can be pursued to enable fulfilling adult lives.
  2. Help create job opportunities that leverage the strengths of these adults.
  3. Support them 24/7 while they pursue what they are good at and enjoy doing – especially since aides and parents are no longer around to provide support.

We’ve making progress on the first goal through Identifor’s games and Dashboard.

The second goal is a work-in-process.  We’re working on a few things, but not far enough to discuss at this point

The third goal is the reason for this post.

 Abby Personal Coach

Screenshot_2015-08-19-20-17-52We built Identifor using an artificial intelligence-driven avatar (Abby) with the objective of enabling her to help adults address situations that arise over the course of a day – whether that’s at school, on the job, at home, in transit, etc.

We are now taking the next step by creating a mobile app that works on iOS and Android phones and tablets so that Abby can provide constant support over the course of a day.

Rather than explaining in text what we have in mind, let us share a “first peek” at what our developers are working on to show what Abby can do.  Please view this 2-minute video to see how Abby can provide support over the course of a day.

Abby App Demonstration

Abby is only limited by our imagination, and she can address virtually any situation we “train” her to support.

We are making good progress “training Abby,” but we think there’s much more that can be done to address all the situations adults and teens face.  Therefore, we are reaching out to ask for help in creating an exhaustive of situations and questions (and answers) that Abby should address.  We believe direct input from those who can benefit from Abby’s support will enable her to provide the best support for the broader community.

Through the generosity of a donor, Identifor Foundation is launching a contest and prize program for those who contribute questions and answers for Abby by September 4, 2015.  A $1 prize will be given for each submitted question and answer we receive by midnight Eastern Time September 4, 2015.

Please send Q&As directly to Abby at