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At Identifor, we are obsessed about the future. For most parents, the future is a place of possibility. The destination of dreams.

But if your child has Autism or a special need, the future doesn't always seem bright. We know it's often filled with more fear ...than excitement, more... worry than hope. When just getting through today feels like a challenge, thinking past tomorrow can feel impossible.

Identifor was created by a mom and a dad who worry a lot about their son's future. Parents who realized their autistic son's future path wasn't unclear because he wasn't capable, but because his unique capabilities had yet to be discovered. Parents who recognized that the standardized measures by which schools evaluate students were too rigid to work for children with special needs.

Parents who understood that if you knew what was possible, you could create a better action plan. These parents set out to help others answer questions such as "Can your child do mental arithmetic with four digit numbers? Does he think in pictures or words or music? Would she rather be outside working with plants or at a computer creating a mobile app?"

They teamed up with the best and brightest minds in science, education, and technology to develop a better way to identify individual abilities, skills, and interests.

Identifor isn't a skill-building technology. It's not designed to help students do better in math or science or language. Instead, it is a tool that systematically uncovers an individual's underlying abilities and executive functioning skills. It also uncovers how the individual likes to spend his/her time to explore relevant career interests.

Our Approach

Identifor uses objective metrics and quantifiable data. Our metrics reveal an individual's:

Multiple Intelligences

Abilities using the work pioneered by Harvard Professor Howard Gardner in his theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Executive Function

Executive Function (EF) skills based on the work by Professor George McCloskey from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, a leading author in the growing field of EF.

Career interests

Career interests building on the work by John Holland from Johns Hopkins University.


Identifor's Dashboard provides a quantitative understanding of how an individual's abilities compare to others who use our tools. If a person is among the top 10% in some ability or executive function, this perhaps is an area of strength that can be built upon to craft a meaningful future. Our objective metrics and quantifiable data provide parents and teachers a common understanding of a student's unique strengths and needs. It allows both parties to improve Individual Education Plans to leverage and track progress against areas of identified strengths.

Unlike other systems of testing and measurement - which can be tedious, difficult, and ineffective - Identifor was built so students actually want to engage. It uses gaming technology with artificial intelligence, making it fun and easy for individuals at every level to participate. It's not a pen-and- paper test

Identifor eliminates guesswork, shines a light on possibility, and puts students on track to pursue a fulfilling and independent future.

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