FAQ about Games

  • expand_less How long does an average game take?
    Duration of a game can vary widely, ranging from a few minutes to tens of minutes. This depends greatly on a player's abilities to advance and interest in continuing. The game always gives a player the choice to stop or continue.
  • expand_less Does the child play the game on their own or do they need supervision?
    Our games are designed to be intuitive and require no supervision.
  • expand_less Can the game be played multiple times?
    A game can be played as many times as a person wants. But we hope that a player will try out the entire set of games before replaying any one game too many times.
  • expand_less Are the games free?
    Our games are always free to play. Parents need to subscribe to access the data and reports generated by our games. Currently, this subscription and all related services are free.
  • expand_less When will my dashboard and/or recommended games update?
    At Identifor, we are not only tracking your individual performance, but we are also comparing your performance with your Identifor peers. Both the Dashboard and Recommended Games will update every weekend.
  • expand_less Will I need additional equipment?
    Our games can be played by downloading our app onto any Android or Apple mobile device (tablet or phone), or by using any recent internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) on a PC or Mac.
  • expand_less Is this just for autistic children and their parents, or can anyone use the games?
    While we started designing the games for autistic teenagers, we realized that it could be beneficial for anyone - at any age and regardless of clinical diagnoses.
  • expand_less Will the games be easy to set up and use (especially by someone not very computer literate)?
    If you can use a browser or download an app, you can play our games. The games are designed to present challenges to understand multiple intelligences and EF - not computer skills.
  • expand_less Will the games require an internet connection?
    Yes. An internet connection is required since the games require resources that reside on our servers.
  • expand_less Will the games require a fast/modern computer to run?
    Any computer that can run a recent generation browser will be sufficient to play our games.
  • expand_less Will I be able to run the program on multiple computers and have the data kept up to date between them?
    You can play the game on any number of computers and tablets. As long as you have logged in on these devices, your data will be stored.
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