Managing course schedules (including exam dates, labs, etc.) and returning from breaks on time were cited by adults with special needs going to college or working on a job as especially challenging. Identifor created the “Companion” app to help teens and adults address these challenges, and many more

The Companion app is a 24/7 personalized aide for teens and adults with special needs. It uses Abby – our artificial intelligence avatar – to have real back-and-forth conversations with the user. Through the Companion app, Abby will: Answers questions (e.g., how to address difficult situations at work, etc.) Provide all kinds of reminders – wake up, bed time, medications, classes, breaks, laundry, etc. If you can image the need, Abby can remind you of it. Alert you of expected weather … and what clothes/accessories you may need as a result. Provide navigation help … walking/driving directions, public transit, and even get you an Uber. Show you how to do things (e.g., make tacos, do laundry, etc.). Gets to know you, your needs and routines.
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