Uncovering strengths

We know that sometimes it's hard to see a person's strengths. And more often than not, the skills a child has aren't measured by the pen-and-paper tests they're taking at school. Identifor is the first digital tool that systematically uncover an individual's unique skills, abilities, and interests. We reveal how a person likes to spend his time and match that with relevant career options, setting students on a personal path to a fulfilling future.

Multiple Intelligence

Harvard Professor Howard Gardner believes each person possesses a unique blend of 8 innate abilities: 1) Verbal-linguistics; 2) Logical-mathematical; 3) Visual-spatial; 4) Musical; etc.

What is your child's Multiple Intelligence profile?

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Executive Functions (EFs)

EFs are cognitive processes that allows a person to take in information, process it, and take actions. It involves attention, engagement, memory, inquiry, etc.

How well does your child engage, process information, seek solutions, etc.?

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Career Interests

The late Professor John Holland from Johns Hopkins University suggests that all people fit into one or more personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional.

What is your child's RIASEC profile and what jobs might be of interest?

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Can your child do mental arithmetic with four digit numbers?

Does he think in pictures or words or music?

Would she rather be outside working with plants or at a computer creating a mobile app?

As individuals play our games, our platform collects and analyzes data to help parents obtain answers to questions such as the ones above. This understanding helps the formulation of educational and/or vocational pursuits that leverage an individual's strengths and create the most rewarding experiences.