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Free Online Learning Games to Assess Multiple Intelligence, Executive Functions and Career Interests

Identifor believes everyone deserves an education that build upon her strengths, a job that actually interests him, and the chance to find a meaningful place in the world.

Imagine how you could help your child if you know his/her true abilities and interests. Imagine how your child could benefit with a 24/7 "Companion." No need to imagine ... just start using our tools to help your child pursue a fulfilling life!

Uncovering strengths.

Our online learning games assess a person's Multiple Intelligence, Executive Functions and Career Interests. Our survey tools allow individuals, parents, educators to build a 360-degree understanding of a person's abilities.

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Support throughout the day.

Our "Companion" app helps a person throughout the day with their various needs. Abby will even learn your needs and make proactive suggestions over time as she learns more about you.

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Everyone benefits.

Teens/young adults seeking engaging and fun games, parents seeking insights, and educators/professionals identifying ways to help students - everyone benefits from Identifor's tools.

Try Identifor today. And start preparing for fulfilling tomorrow.

Identifor. Identify the Possible.