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Free Online Learning Games to Assess Multiple Intelligence, Executive Functions and Career Interests

Identifor believes every student deserves a fair chance at a fulfilling future, an education that build upon her strengths, a job that actually interests him, and the chance to find a meaningful place in the world. But we also know that sometimes it's hard to see strengths. And more often than not, the skills a child has aren't measured by the pen-and-paper tests they're taking at school.

Identifor is the first digital tool that looks beyond standard measures of academic evaluation to systematically uncover an individual's unique skills, abilities, and interests. We reveal how a person likes to spend his time and match that with relevant career options, setting students on a personal path to a fulfilling future.

We help parents obtain answers to questions such as "Can your child do mental arithmetic with four digit numbers? Does he think in pictures or words or music? Would she rather be outside working with plants or at a computer creating a mobile app?" This understanding is needed so that educational and/or vocational plans can be formulated to leverage an individual's strengths and create the most rewarding experiences before, during and after high school graduation.

Identifor helps build this understanding by analyzing data of how individuals play our carefully designed battery of free online learning games that provide a systematic understanding of an individual's:

  • Abilities using the work pioneered by Harvard Professor Howard Gardner in his theory of  Multiple Intelligences.

  • Executive Function (EF) skills based on the work by Professor George McCloskey from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, a leading author in the growing field of EF.

  • Career interests building on the work by John Holland from Johns Hopkins University.

Try Identifor today. And start preparing for fulfilling tomorrow.

Identifor. Identify the Possible.